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Leading by example

This was our first partnership with the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation to run the Nallei Jerring Youth Leadership Program. We understand how important it is to support young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to feel empowered, connected and enjoy going to school which is why we got on board in a significant way.

The innovative program is designed to increase understanding and connection to community, culture and positive self-identity for young First Nations students. It’s all about developing leadership advocacy skills and developing connections with other students throughout Ballarat.

The program involves during-school sessions and excursions across a number of months. With 60 participants from nine local schools, there commitment from almost all the private, public and catholic high schools in the area.

Foundation representative Hannah Singleton said “we hope to be able to continue this program for many years to come in the Ballarat area, with the continued support of the local community, schools, KESOs and KECs and working closely with Ballarat and District Aboriginal Coop to support young First Nations students in the area”.

If your community group or organisation may be interested in applying for Community Investment project funding, ask in Branch for more information, eligibility criteria and/or apply online at


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