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Hearty breakfast for kinder kids

Hunger and learning don’t mix well, so when we were approached by the local Buninyong Uniting Kindergarten to support their new breakfast program – we didn’t hesitate.


The program has been operating since July and has helped appease some children who were either starting the day on an empty stomach or were exhausting their lunch boxes early.  After 1218 serves of breakfast and with ‘Cherios’ taking the silverware as the most coveted cereal option, the program will continue into 2024 providing the need still exists.

Program Representative Mel Dreger said “breakfast presents many benefits including a homely connection, a predictable routine to help settle children, the opportunity to strengthen self-help skills, social connection opportunities, and for some children, it allowed them to feel fuller which enhanced their focus and engagement in the kindergarten program. We are incredibly grateful Community Bank Buninyong has partnered with us in this worthwhile initiative”. 


Randall and Peita attended the kindergarten recently where they were awarded some very special certificates acknowledging our support of the program.

If your community group or organisation may be interested in applying for Community Investment project funding, ask in Branch for more information, eligibility criteria and/or apply online at


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