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Every step of the way

Our Community Bank was with the Ballarat Autisum Network every step of the way delivering their World Autism Day Celebratory Walk. We know how important is it is to highlight autism and provide an opportunity for families and autistic people to socialise and interact in a like-minded community. So it was a simple 'yes' from us. Network Representative Kristine Schmidt said "the event was a great success with families and autistic people coming together in a fun way to promote autism. The media coverage was positive and supportive". On the walk, people carried placards stating positives statements such as "Autism is my superpower", Autism is awesome", It's okay to be different". Kristine reported that one participant said 'events such as this gave him a sense of community and belonging'. She hopes the more understanding the community is, the more supportive they can be towards autistic people. The organisation continues to support young autistic adults year round with their social group - 'The Games Hub'. If your community group or organisation may be interested in applying for Community Investment project funding, ask in Branch for more information, eligibility criteria and/or apply online at


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