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New Learning Laptops

Our Community Bank funded the purchase of 10 new laptops at the Ballarat East Neighbourhood House located at Barkly Square. The laptops have enabled the group to connect with new community members and with a handy cart the units are easily charged and used in a variety of locations.

Neighbourhood House Manager Sarah Greenwood-Smith said “with limited office space we rely on portable devices which can be utilised in other spaces at both Barkly Square and the Eureka Hall. The laptops allow us the flexibility to deliver classes and activities across various locations. The devices are a fantastic resource for students, volunteers and tutors as they deliver and participate in House activities”.

“We are also looking to use the laptops in adult education classes including ‘How to Write Community Newsletters’, allowing participants to set up and start writing their own newsletters in their communities”, she said.

Impact Achievement: Tech purchase for continual community learning Community Investment Category: Society

If your community group or organisation may be interested in applying for Community Investment project funding, ask in Branch for more information, eligibility criteria and/or visit


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