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Life lessons with Ambulance Vic

It was fabulous to have Ambulance Victoria conduct life-saving CPR training and AED support at the Community House recently. This was an important project for us considering the number of community defibrillators in the area and ensuring they are used correctly in an emergency.

The educational session delivered paramedic led life-saving CPR, AED maintenance training and emphasised the importance of registering and updating AED details with Ambulance Victoria.

Community Bank Buninyong Partnerships Lead Kelly Bevan said "It was great Mel and Pete from Ambulance Victoria were able to provide assistance to community groups needing AED support. At the end of the day, the ultimate goal is to have every AED in the area registered and visible to Triple Zero and GoodSAM responders. This could make a significant difference in potentially saving someone's life".

"We also encouraged community groups to consider installing their AED in a cabinet on the outside of their buildings to give 24-hour access to the community", she said.

Community groups can email Kelly directly ( for assistance with installing outdoor wall-mounted cabinets or for information about maintaining AEDs.

To register or update AED information visit

To become a GoodSAM responder visit


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