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Bonds built on buddy benches

The ripple effect of Buddy Benches funded by our Community Bank has woven a sense of camaraderie throughout local primary schools, fostering empathy and connection among students. An initiative of Alfredton Rotary Deb Robertson said, "the magic lies where children learn to extend a hand when they sense a classmate in need."

The key impacts of this program are profound. Firstly, the Buddy Benches empower students to identify their peers seeking companionship, promoting empathy and nurturing caring relationships. Secondly, they serve as a tool for teachers to swiftly recognize students feeling isolated, enabling timely support. Lastly, the project has become a hands-on endeavor for Rotary Club members, enhancing connections between the community and local schools.

"Rotary members have found joy in contributing to the painting and delivery of the benches. Witnessing the gratitude from school staff is immensely rewarding, and knowing we positively impact children's school experiences is really important to us”, Deb said.

Looking ahead, Rotary plan to install more benches, building on the success of their rainbow-colored seats. Additionally, they aim to deepen partnerships with local schools, fostering mutual support. "These benches are just the beginning. We're committed to making a lasting difference in children's lives and strengthening community bonds."

If your community group or organisation may be interested in applying for Community Investment project funding, ask in Branch for more information, eligibility criteria and/or apply online at


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