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Community Gold

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Community Groups

Participating Businesses

What is the purpose  of the Community Gold program?

How does the program work?

Who can participate in the program?

What's the
Purpose of
the Program?

The Community Gold Program is all about supporting the sustainability of local business and service providers. Its purpose is to increase local spending and what's not to love about that?

About the Program
How does it work?

How does the

We distribute Community Gold cards in $10 and $20 denominations through not-for-profit local clubs and organisations as part of our Community Investment Program.


These cards are distributed by the organisations amongst their members for specific purposes.

Businesses bank the redeemed Community Gold cards as cash.

The cards can be redeemed at participating businesses as an accepted form of payment. The terms and conditions of use are on the card. 

Who can Apply?

Who can


Any local retailer or service provider can apply to be a non-exclusive Community Gold participant.  View the full list here.

You must be operating a registered business (holding an ABN) operating within our local Buninyong area.

You do need to hold (or open) a business deposit account with Community Bank Buninyong.  This is purely for administration purposes and for Community Gold cards to be banked as cash.

If at some stage you decide the program is no longer for you, let us know and we will remove you from the participant list.


If your business comes into disrepute (at our discretion) you will be removed from the program immediately.

How to Join

Register your interest by filling out the application form above.  Once approved contact Community Bank Buninyong branch to register your deposit account and collect the support pack. This includes informational flyers and window decals to demonstrate your involvement in the program. You will be listed as a participating business on our website.

If you need to open an account, please make an appointment at the branch.

Please note: We cannot guarantee that by being part of the program you will receive Community Gold. Where the cards are redeemed will be at the discretion of the card holder. Proactive promotion on your part will certainly help however.

Community Groups

Any local not-for-profit community organisation can apply through the Community Investment Program for Community Gold cards.

To apply simply click the button above and fill out the application form.  Be sure however to identify your request for Community Gold cards specifically.


For more information on whether your community group might be eligible to participate in this program contact the branch.

Have More Questions?

Not a problem.  The best way to speak to us is to pop into the branch, call or email:


401B Warrenheip Street, Buninyong


+613 5341 8066


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Following us on Facebook and Instagram and encouraging your organisation’s members and associates to do the same.  This is the best way we can tell our story, share your story and give each other a shout out at the same time.  

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