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We’re excited about another Community Impact Project commencing!


You’ve recently been granted Community Investment Funding with Community Bank Buninyong. Congratulations and we look forward to seeing the impact this has for you and the wider community.


You will have received a detailed email outlining the process and what’s required. Please keep this email handy for future reference. Also ensure you submit your invoice for payment as required.

The 3 Steps

Here you’ll follow the steps to comply with your Community Investment Agreement and ensure the process is acquitted as required. We advise bookmarking this page in your browser as you may need to revisit it on multiple occasions.


There are three key steps to ensure you fulfil the obligations of your Community Investment Agreement.  If you need a reminder, you agreed to the Terms at the time of submitting your Community Investment Application (part of the form) and can be found here.

Provide Story Content

Please ensure you submit content and images (with approval) for us to tell the story of your project. We also love progress stories, so don’t just wait till the end. You can submit story content at any time.

Complete Progress Reports (ONLY if required)

If your Community Investment Agreement requires submitting milestone reports please ensure these are completed as per the timing plan. These reports are generally only required with large scale/ long-term projects or agreements spanning a specific term (eg: 3 years).

Finish Acquittal Report

We love to hear how your project went, what the outcomes and learnings were, plus most importantly what the community impact was. This information also ensures we close the due-diligence loop and verify the project was delivered as promised. Ensure you complete your Acquittal Report within 4 weeks of completing your project.  

Any Questions?

Not a problem.  The best way to speak to us is to pop into the branch, call or email:


401B Warrenheip Street, Buninyong


+613 5341 8066


We'd Love Your Support Back!

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We really don’t ask for much, but we’d love your support back by simply….

Following us on Facebook and Instagram and encouraging your organisation’s members and associates to do the same.  This is the best way we can tell our story, share your story and give each other a shout out at the same time.  

We love collaborating with our Community Investment participants so remember to tag us in your project updates and tell everyone! Just get content approval first however by emailing:

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